I started to write songs since I was 12 years old. But since 2001 that I began to see it as a professional occupation. Just like composing, writing songs and creating them gives me energy! I love the process of writing! Over the years I’ve written a lot of lyrics and songs. Since 2010 I’m a member of the Guild of International Songwriters & Composers. And some of my songs got a recommended entry awards in renowned international songwriting contests and one of them ended in a quarter final in the UK. In 2019 one of my songs reached the semifinal in the Song of the year contest (USA).

Below you’ll find a short list of my portfolio as a songwriter, sorted by music styles. More info on sound files, lyrics and more songs please contact me. Some songs don’t have an audiolink, because this songs are not published by me as a singer/songwriter. They are waiting for a suitable artist / band, perhaps that’s you! Contact me if you’re interested!


Completed songs:

Pop songs:

Another life
For the sake of us  (recommended entry award 2016 UK songwriters contest; audio)
Jouw hand (Dutch lyrics, audio)
Neglect time
Nooit anders (Dutch lyrics; audio)
Sunshine girl
When love ends

Jazz & Blues songs:

Raindrops teardrops (Special mention award 2017 UK songwriters contestaudio)
Right side of the road (Semi-finalist Song of the year contest USA 2019Higher recommended entry award 2017 UK songwriters contest; audio)
You bring out the best in me (Recommended entry award 2016 UK songwriters contest; audio)
Battle Creek (Quarter final 2013 UK songwriters contest; audio)
Change the tide
For real
G’s place (Commended entry UK songwriters contest 2020)

Folk songs:

De grens (Dutch Lyrics; audio)
Flippin’ the coin
Going south
Melancholic overdose
Long gone days

Rock songs:

A madman’s cry
Big bugs
Education disease
Enjoy the ride
Little woman
No fun without you
No way out
One second
Set me free
She keeps an eye on me
Wake up
Screaming out for love (audio)

Children’s songs (Dutch):

Ga je mee
Heuvel op en af
Oh egeltje
Sinterklaas is op bezoek
Wie hoort er bij mijn familie
Zoveel kleuren om ons heen
Maar je kan ook lopen
Hiep hiep hoera
Elke dag winter
Naar de zon
Feest voor elk dier
Kerstmis is een feest voor groot en klein
Beer is zijn leesbril kwijt


Lyrics only:

New impressions
Right beside you
She shadow


Prices & Certificates: