Making music has been an important part of my life from an early age. Therefore my destiny was undoubtedly music bound. Since my childhood years I’ve been playing oboe in a harmony orchestra. And since the age of 12, I started to sing and I’ve been playing the guitar and writing songs. Over the years I learned to play several other instruments including bluesharp, percussion, drums, banjo, mandolin and piano. I’m a graduated Vocal teacher (Bmus hons degree in Contemporary Vocals) and Teacher of Music (Master’s degree in Music Education). Below you’ll find more info about my music professions. Feel free to contact me to get more information.
Regards, Rob van den Biggelaar (Composer, Songwriter, Singer, Vocal Teacher, Music Teacher).



I’ve been composing instrumental pieces since I played the oboe between the age of 8 and 20 years old. New melodies are constantly in my head and I’ve been writing them down, since my early childhood. I always loved to create and invent new melodic lines. It energized me and it always has been a way to express myself. When I studied at the conservatory, I learned more about contrapoint and harmonizing melodies. After studying Writing and producing Advertising Music at Berklee (USA), I professionally compose Production Music (advertising, tv, radio film) under the name ROBB Music Productions. Some of my compositions are used by different television stations such as Ziggo Sport, TLC, Discovery+, and others. Furthermore I compose for jazz ensembles, harmony orchestra’s and percussion bands. More information about my compositions you’ll find on my Composer page.


I started to write songs since I was 12 years old. But since 2001 that I began to see it as a professional occupation. Just like composing, writing songs and creating them gives me energy! I love the process of writing! Over the years I’ve written a lot of lyrics and songs. Since 2010 I’m a member of the Guild of International Songwriters & Composers. And some of my songs got a recommended entry awards in renowned international songwriting contests and one of them ended in a quarter final in the UK. Since 2016 my songs are well received within the music industry in the UK. To find more info about my songs and lyrics, go to my Songwriter page.


As a performing musician, I gained experience over the past 20 years as lead singer and guitarist for my own bands and various cover bands. With the band Phoenix Red, I played own compositions in several national venues such as the Melkweg (Amsterdam, NL), 013 (Tilburg, NL), Mezz (Breda, NL), WII (Den Bosch, NL) and we had the pleasure to play as the support act for an (inter) nationally well known band. I have my own Blues/Roots/Jazz trio, and I perform as a singer / songwriter under the name Grandler. Since 2021 I’m honored to record music with David Abbruzzese (USA), Joanna Connor (USA) and other great musicians. To learn more about me as a performing musician, go to my Musician page.

Vocal Teacher:

At the age of 17 my musical career as a singer began and I followed various courses and master classes including the Academy of Contemporary Music in London (UK ), the TVS method (USA) and the Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg (NL). In June 2010 I graduated as a Bachelor of Music at the Conservatory in Amsterdam (NL), Majoring in voice and Minor in piano. Since 2009 I have my own Vocal & Music Studio where I coach professional and amateur singers in all Contemporary vocal styles. To learn more about my Vocal Studio, please go directly to my other website: Vocal Studio ROBB or Muziek Educatie ROBB

Music Teacher:

In 2013 I also graduated as a 1st grade teacher in Music Education at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg (NL). Since 2011 I have been teaching music and CKV (Culturele Kunstzinnige Vorming) at high-schools on a parttime base besides my work in my Vocal Studio. I organized a diversity of music workshops for kids at all ages and also for companies. Besides that I’ve made learning methods for music with a diversity on musical topics. Within my Studio I  coach singer/songwriters, beginning guitarists, and people who’d like to learn more about harmony and solfège. To learn more about both my activities in my Studio and workshops, please go directly to my other websites: Vocal Studio ROBB or Muziek Educatie ROBB