As a composer I focus on Music Productions under the name ROBB Music Productions. After graduating on Vocals & Songwriting (Bmus tons) I studied Writing & Producing Advertising Music at Berklee College of Music (USA), and graduated with a grade A.
ROBB Music Productions makes music for motion picture, tv-spots, commercials, tv programs, documentaries, video game advertising, trailers, promos & media entertainment. Compositions are used by different television stations such as Ziggo Sport, TLC, Discovery+, and others. Our goal is to make high quality  custom made music, in a wide range of   contemporary music styles. And we strive to work with real instruments as much as possible.

Listen to my Music Productions by clicking on the image below!


Furthermore I compose music for jazz ensembles, harmony orchestra’s and percussion bands. Here are a few of my works:

Jazz ensembles:

Milli’s Blues

Harmony Orchestra:

Battle Creek March (videolink)

Percussion bands:

Rhythm twist